Hey there! I'm Gateway Girl, a UK-based artist who's been making music for 3 years alongside illustration.

My sound is a bit of a mix: dreamy indie pop vibes floating on airy electronic beats. Think floaty and introspective, with lyrics that dig into real life experiences, you know, the good, the bad and everything in between. It's all about creating a soundscape that whisks you away to another world.

I write, produce, and perform all my stuff myself and write from the heart, sharing my raw experiences through written song.

So, that's me! Get ready for some catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics. And, if you ever catch me live, be prepared to be spellbound – and bring your web3 stuff ✨ Surprises, that's all I'm saying ✨

I'm trying out new ways to connect with you directly using things like on-chain music, so try it out and sign up! I want you all to come along on the journey!

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