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"How did this all begin?"

"Damn how do I say this quickly haha!


Well my family were musical from the very beginning so I started learning the piano up until grade 8, alongside various other instruments. But as I got older I found that playing piano started to get a bit boring and so decided to quit at age 16.

I later moved onto music production during the global pandemic and released my first ever EP on Spotify called " What You're Missing" and kept going from there!

Since that first EP, my work has grown more and more and I've never looked back! I love the idea of storytelling through music, it allows me to create these weird and wacky songs about my experiences (almost like a diary) 

I find so many people reaching out to me about my songs saying how relatable they are or how emotionally gripping they are and honestly... I love hearing that!


If my music could create a community, all sharing the same passion, all relating to various topics...I would be over the moon."

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